Are classical and jazz genres MORE popular in Europe than the US?

I’m moving to Germany in 20 days…I play the piano and the violin, and am really into Classical music, jazz, swing, volksmusik, (but I’m open to anything that doesn’t give me a headache). There is a reasonable opportunity to hear this music in America, but only in big cities, and MANY people don’t appreciate or understand them. Will the case be the same in Europe? (I’ll be in Germany.)

7 thoughts on “Are classical and jazz genres MORE popular in Europe than the US?

  1. ???????

    i think all people in the world will respect and love to listen to JAZZ & CLASSICAL MUSIC.

    jazz very very poplar around the world.
    classical is very special music for speacial people it`s great.

    you will find many people in europe love youe music style.

  2. Simple Man

    After living 2 years in the States (Los Angeles) i can say, that Germans (NOT Europeans) are much more into jazz+ classical than americans.
    But this is particularlyso because the German state pays much more money for cultural activities like music festivals ,university where you can study music, music schools – so it’s not that Americans are more stupid or something, they just dont have less possibility to get into music which doesn’t pay off like pop.

  3. whatagal828

    While I don’t know the exact answer, it is commonly and widely known that devotees of jazz are also inclined to like classical music and vice versa. Means we have really good taste.

  4. John

    I feel that europeans have a greater appreciation of the arts and music in general when compared to americans. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the appreciation and support you receive over there.

  5. Musician

    I think you will be well received in Germany. They do like Big Band Jazz and swing plus Tyrolean and every Christmas we get broadcasts from Vienna Orchestra etc: on BBC 2.

    They are wonderful musicians.

    I love James Last’s Modern interpretations of old ‘Evergreen’ and Dance band music.

  6. David A

    This is an interesting question and one I have heard discussed many times. Though I’ve never played in Europe, I have many friends and family members who have. There seems to be a general consensus that there is more appreciation for jazz (and classical) in all of Europe, including Germany. Of course “classical” music is really “Western European” music (the birth place). I like to think of jazz as American “classical” music because it was born here. Nonetheless, this is a lot of word play about classifications and really has nothing to do with your question.

    I think, from hearsay evidence only, that Europeans have more appreciation for instrumental music in general. Americans seem to care more about the words, even when the words are ugly! Why else the popularity of rap? This is not to say that Europeans do not like vocal music, they just seem to have more depth and are more well-rounded in their cultural and arts up-bringing and education. It is the same (so I am told) in Japan. In fact, some of the best recent efforts in jazz are from Japan!

  7. Merce

    I don’t think there is a difference for musical tastes, but there is maybe more appreciation for well performed music and good musicians. I am big jazz fan, also chamber music. Just as an example: in Barcelona, where I am from, I have seen the audience yelling at musicians or opera singers, if their performance was not good (out of tune). People than appreciate music can be very tough sometimes. On the other hand, I have never seen something similar in Vancouver (Canada) where I live.


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