Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Student Clarinet Reviews

Yamaha Advantage YCL-200AD Student Clarinet

  • Yamaha Advantage Student Model Clarinet
  • New barrel and bell design
  • Valentino pads
  • Matte finish
  • Includes Yamaha hardshell ABS plastic case, Plastic (4C) medium-closed mouthpiece, Nickel-plated ligature,
Nickel-plated keys, bell cut-out & a redesigned case enhance the beauty & value of this Advantage clarinet. NEW BARREL DESIGN The YCL-200AD Advantage model clarinet incorporates some of the distinct qualities of Yamaha's professional and custom clarinets. One feature is a 65mm barrel design that produces a focused tone and quick response. This will help new students in finding those hard to hit first pitches while giving an edge to students who have been playing a while longer. NEW BELL DESIGN Nothing can be more frustrating to new students who are learning notes and fingerings for the first time than a soft sounding, out of tune instrument. A new resonance chamber in the bell of the YCL-200AD aids in projection and improves intonation


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