Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophone (Standard) Reviews

Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophone

  • 72 Selmer Paris Reference Alto Sax Outfit
The Reference alto takes its inspiration from a 1958 mid-70,000 serial number Mark VI. The Reference plays and feels like a vintage Selmer, including longer bell to improve intonation and a dark, warm lacquer finish. Inspired by the Mark VI model released in 1954, the Selmer Paris 72 Reference 54 alto is a professional saxophone that integrates the Mark VI's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern key work and better intonation. A major favorite among jazz saxophonists the Reference 54 alto saxophone offers a rich throaty sound that even "barks" well in the lower register. The keywork of the Selmer 72 alto saxophone is extremely fluid and reacts well to even the most wicked licks. Complete with shaped flight case, Selmer P

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