Selmer Mark Vi Alto Saxophone

Selmer Mark Vi Alto Saxophone

  • Refurbished
  • Original Lacquer
  • Serial number 140,000
  • Overhauled by the best
  • Wonderful classic sound
Primo #140,xxx MKVI alto. Has the original gray zippered Tray-Pack case, OEM replacement Selmer end plug (original was lost during the reconditioning/overhaul), original neck, original lacquer, hand-cut cork palm key risers, Beason key clamps. POW! Original American Lacquer, neck & case. No serial number on neck (American Selmers post-#140,xxx I am fairly certain no longer had a serial number stamped on the base ring), however, interestingly, the last 3 digits of the serial number are hand-etched into the interior of the neck, at the base where it inserts into the body of the horn. Full, ultra-premium overhaul bringing it well beyond original factory specifications & tolerances! This horn came to me in 1998 from a friend who had purchased


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