Pro Tec MCS4C Small Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions, 0.4mm Thick, Clear Reviews

Protec Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions, 6-Pack, Size Small, Thin (.4mm), Clear, Model MCS4C

  • Comfort from annoying vibrations
  • Improves ligature grip
  • Protects mouthpieces
  • Small mouthpiece cushion fits most mouthpieces
Protec's Woodwind Mouthpiece Cushions offer a universal fit and provide mouthpiece protection and comfort from annoying vibrations, while also improving ligature grip. Includes package of 6 mouthpiece cushions. Small cushions fit most mouthpieces. Large cushions fit Bb clarinet mouthpieces and larger.

List Price: $ 9.95 Price: $ 5.99

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