Jazzlab SAXDEFLECTOR Saxophone Deflector

Jazzlab SAXDEFLECTOR Saxophone Deflector

  • Deflects the sound from the bell back towards the player
  • Perfect for gigs to enable you to hear yourself better
  • Simple attachment to the bell of your instrument
  • Small hole in the shield to let some of your sound pass through
  • Most effective when playing live in a band
Jazz Lab are best known for creating innovative products such as the Sax holder, Sax silencer and now the Sax deflector to aid all sax players both at home and in a live setting. The SAXDEFLECTOR is a new product for 2016 that will prove to be of great use to many players. It is in essence an acoustic shield that quickly and securely clips onto the underside of the bell. The shield is angled towards the player so the sound can be redirected towards your ears. This helps you work on your sound and articulation when practicing at home even at lower volumes and for better audibility when playing live, as it can be difficult to hear clearly at a gig. The angle can also be adjusted easily for a different heights of player and to affect how much

List Price: $ 57.21 Price: $ 38.78

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