D’Addario Woodwinds Reed Vitalizer Single Refill Pack

Rico Reed Vitalizer Humidity Control - Single Refill Pack, 72% Humidity

  • Stores reeds at ideal humidity level
  • 72% relative humidity requires minimal wetting for your reeds
  • Reed tips stay flat and are less prone to warping
  • Refill packs last 45 to 60 days
Reed Vitalizer offers maintenance-free reed storage. The patented Humidipak technology uses two-way humidity control to keep your reed tips flat and prevent cracking and warping. Reed Vitalizer control packs will last 45-60 days. When the pack becomes hard, discard and replace with a new pack.

Stores reeds at ideal humidity levels
Self-regulates humidity with no maintenance
84%, 72%, & 58% humidity levels available
Reed tips stay flat
Reeds are ready to play

"I have found the Reed Vitalizer system to be one of the best solutions to reed problems to appear in many years. Its simplicity and modest cost make it worth a try to solve your reed problems, as well."
The Clarinet, 2005

At its San Fernando Val

List Price: $ 5.07 Price: $ 2.99

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