D’Addario Woodwinds Reed Guard for Clarinet and Saxophone, Black

D'Addario Woodwinds Reed Guard for Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone, Black

  • Available in black, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • Each reed guard holds four reeds
  • Available in two sizes: Small (Bb Clarinet, Soprano & Alto Saxophone), and Large (Bass Clarinet, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones)
  • Grooved surfaces prevent reed warping
The D'Addario Reed Guards are a stylish, effective way to keep your reeds safe and secure. Our reed guard products offer a convenient, affordable storage solution for students, educators, and artists. The soft elastomer cover is designed to securely but gently hold any assortment of clarinet and saxophone reeds.

List Price: $ 6.15 Price: $ 5.20

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