320-BU – BLUE/GOLD Keys Curved Bb Soprano Saxophone Lazarro++11 Reeds,Music Pocketbook,Case,Care Kit – 24 COLORS – SILVER or GOLD KEYS – CHOOSE YOURS ! Reviews

320-BU - BLUE/GOLD Keys Curved Bb Soprano Saxophone Lazarro++11 Reeds,Music Pocketbook,Case,Care Kit - 24 COLORS - SILVER or GOLD KEYS - CHOOSE YOURS !

  • Are You looking for your new Curved Soprano Saxophone to fulfill all your musical needs... We have the perfect instrument for You - "Lazarro" Curved Soprano Saxophone
  • Our "Lazarro" Saxophones are perfect for any occasions: lessons, concerts, bands and orchestras. We follow USA Standards for our Saxophones, that is why they are teacher and school approved
  • We are a USA Brand that you can trust. Our Saxophones are not just stylish, but also very durable, have great sound quality and are always hand checked by our professional team in New York.
  • "Lazarro" Saxophones made according to International Standards, regardless of the colors and keys, and feature the same sound quality, mechanisms and durability.
  • Package: Lazarro Curved Soprano Saxophone, Music Pocketbook, Mouthpiece with Reed, Cap and Ligature, Box of 10 Lazarro Reeds, Fabric Case, Neck Strap, Cleaning Cloth, Reeds Holder, Cleaning Rod, White Gloves, Screwdriver, Cork Grease and Tweezers
Bb Curved Soprano Saxophone Lazarro has Bb Keys, High F# Key.Made from Real BRASS and has Hand Engraved Bell Decoration, High Quality Leather Pads with Metal Resonators, Adjustable Key Height Screws and Metal Thumb Rest

List Price: $ 239.99 Price: $ 239.99

2 thoughts on “320-BU – BLUE/GOLD Keys Curved Bb Soprano Saxophone Lazarro++11 Reeds,Music Pocketbook,Case,Care Kit – 24 COLORS – SILVER or GOLD KEYS – CHOOSE YOURS ! Reviews

  1. Sean
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A really great sax at a really great price, August 5, 2014

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    I bought this horn because I needed a soprano for a small amount of music in a band, but I didn’t want to have to spend thousands on something I’d be getting less than a minute’s worth of music out of. This horn looks great and sounds great, even with the stock mouthpiece and ligature. The lacquer job is nicely done, very even and smooth. It is a little uneven on the A (second finger on the left hand) key, but that’s the only noticeable inconsistency. It has a nice engraving of leaves on the bow. (Most likely faux) Mother of pearl inlays top off the main finger keys, the G# pinky, the Bb bis, the high F#, and alternate F#.

    The action is fitted with blued steel springs- a feature not often seen on low end horns. This makes the action nice and responsive- the sprigs are a little on the heavy side, but that’s common on new horns. There is almost no play in the action either. The keys would not bend, which is a good thing until you have to bend the arm on the neck so you can get low notes out. The octave arm that connects to the neck is a bit thick, so some notes (below low G) will have trouble coming out if you don’t bend the arm on the neck. Other than that, everything is in alignment and I’ve had no problems.

    The tone is wonderful, very smooth and sweet, and a little nasal, just like a soprano should sound. The low notes are thick, resonant, and very powerful. The mid range is very sweet and smooth, characteristic soprano sound. The upper range is a little shrill, but that comes with being a soprano. It plays in tune, but, like all sopranos, relies a lot on your embouchure. I can bend the top notes down about a whole tone just with my embouchure, that’s how flexible this is. By comparison, my alto will only bend about a quarter tone down on the top notes.

    This horn does come with a few features not mentioned here that my alto does not have:
    High F# key- This extends the range of the horn one half tone up, to high F#.
    Tilting Bb Mechanism- This is an arm connected to the low Bb and C# keys, that will tilt the Bb key when the C# key is pressed. This makes slurring form low Bb to low B or low C# easier.
    Adjustable thumb rest- You can move the thumb rest a little bit to the right or left to accommodate the length of your thumb.

    All and all, this is a well built horn. It comes with a few extras used for care and repair. The neckstrap is useless (too long for the soprano) and uncomfortable, but most people won’t need it. There is a small book for beginners, but I’d invest in a proper method book (and an alto- sopranos are not the instrument to start learning saxophone with) if you are a beginner. The gloves are useless (and also look quite tacky), since you have a polishing cloth, unless you really want to grope your saxophone with tacky looking gloves. The tweezers and screwdriver would be nice if you had some key oil so you could oil the point screws, but there is no key oil.

    This would be a nice horn for doublers who only occasionally need soprano (word of warning; This horn will not fit on the standard straight stand, or an alto stand- you need a stand specifically for a curved soprano, or you can modify a standard alto stand by drilling a hole for the bottom support), or for someone looking to add the soprano to their saxophone arsenal, or for the gigging musician who needs to go into an area where the instrument might get stolen (be warned- this horn has no serial number, so if it gets stolen, it will be hard to track down) or damaged (this horn seems sturdy enough to take a fall, though I haven’t tested it).

    This horn seems to be a copy of a Yanagisawa curved soprano (Mine, with the silver body and gold keys, most resembles the SC- 9937), and might have similar playing characteristics. Yanagisawa is a VERY good company for saxophones, both for jazz and classical playing. Obviously, it won’t sound the same due to different materials being used (Nickel plated brass vs. sterling silver), but it would be interesting to try these horns side by side.

    UPDATE: I’ve had this horn for just over a month now. I did upgrade the mouthpiece to a Yamaha 24C and upgraded the reeds to Vandoren blue boxes (I’m using clarinet reeds, since I like the darker sound you get with those better- Vandoren soprano reeds are a little bright for my taste), what a difference that has made! It sounds (and feels) like a completely different horn! It was good before, but now, it seems like it might be a fairly nice backup horn for someone while their main horn is getting repaired. It has a nice singing tone, I dare say that this horn sounds like it has quite a bit of life in it. If only a horn of this caliber was available to me when I started alto! There are a few things that came up, however:

    I had to adjust the spring tension on the high F# key, since the key was popping open if I leaned the horn down at all.
    The cork on the neck…

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  2. John Taylor
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very Pleased, May 30, 2014

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    As a professional saxophonist, I don’t care much about anything that comes in the case with a new horn. Other than the sax, anything I find useful is considered a bonus. That being said, this sax comes with a lot of bonuses. The case resembles the original Pro-Tech cases…it is well constructed. The screwdriver and tweezers will prove useful when repairs are needed. The reeds play well, but are too soft (1-1/2) for my embouchure. The mouthpiece has the appearance of a Vandoran Jumbo Java, with the same type of baffle as a metal mouthpiece, and produces a very nice tone. The neck strap is too long to use with a curved soprano, but can be used with an alto. Personally, I wouldn’t use the neck strap anyway because of it’s poor quality. There’s a pair of polishing gloves, a pad saver swab, and a book for beginners. By the way, there’s also a pretty nice sax in the case! This sax is solid, well built, and plays in tune. I recommend this sax to anyone who’s looking for a great curved soprano sax at an unbeatable price.


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