1885 Sterisol 8Oz Pump Spray

1885 Sterisol 8Oz Pump Spray

  • 8oz Bottle, Spray Cap
  • Cleans, Deodorizes and Sanitizes
  • For All Wind Instruments
  • Perfect for Band Students
Sterisol Premixed Germicide perfect for keeping unwanted germs away from your wind music instruments. With Sterisol your brass instrument, mouthpiece, or woodwind reed will be completely germ-free and safe for use!Affectionately known as "The Red Stuff," Sterisol has been a staple in thousands of classrooms and studios for decades, giving positive sanitizing action in one minute. 8 oz. bottle. Important: For use on headjoint or mouthpiece only.

List Price: $ 4.95 Price: $ 2.20

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