New! 4/4 Black Carbon Fiber Cello Bow.

New! 4/4 Black Carbon Fiber Cello Bow.

  • Full Size (4/4). Approx. 80g, 72 cm (including screw).
  • Advanced Level. Neat Works. Ebony Frog with Nickel Silver Fitted
  • Good combination of strength, flexibility and balance!
  • Deep and Powerful Tone
  • VingoBow - Professional and Specialized in Bows!
Standard Carbon Fiber Cello Bow!

This bow is made of standard carbon fiber. It's more durable and stable than wooden bows. As you know, the head of wooden bow is easy to break. This bow can avoid this problem. We use natural Mongolian horse hair for the bow. High density ebony frog is mounted with fully nickel silver.

List Price: $ 38.95 Price: $ 38.95

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