New! 4/4 Black Carbon Fiber Cello Bow.

New! 4/4 Black Carbon Fiber Cello Bow.

  • ◆ADVANCED PERFORMANCE - The bow is made by experienced bow-maker. It will provide you warm and clear tone and is recommended for advanced players.
  • ◆QUALITY CARBON FIBER - The stick is stronger and more durable than wooden bows. Very suitable as a backup bow or practise bow. It has well bounce and great flexibility. It's also a lightweight bow, close to 80 grams. and approx. 71.5cm including the screw, very easy to play.
  • ◆NATURAL HORSEHAIR - We use unbleached Mongolian horsehair for this model, aiming for great resilience, be easier to rosin.
  • ◆PERFECT BALANCE POINT - As you know, balance point is very important for a bow. Great balance point makes the bow easier to control. Our maker always adjusts it for several times to ensure its point is in the right range.
  • ◆CAREFULLY HANDMADE - The bow is totally made with traditional handcraft skills. Straight stick, clean work, ready to play.
The bow is made of good-quality carbon fiber stick. It's stronger, lighter and more stable than wooden bows. Very suitable as a backup bow or practise bow. Adopting unbleached Mongolia horsehair, it will offer you sweet sound. Black ebony frog shows natural wood grain,and is decorated with classical parisian eyes. This model is fully mounted with nickel silver. Genuine leather grip, elegant nickel silver thread winding. All parts are fitted by a same experienced maker from the start to finish. It has a great balance and will provide you pleasant play experience.

Since all our bows are fully made by hand, every bow may have slightly differences in weight, length. And may left small trail even made by old experienced maker. The hair is

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