Honbay Rubber Cello Practice Mute, Black (cello)

Honbay Rubber Cello Practice Mute, Black (cello)

  • Great for practicing and playing violin when you don't want to disturb your family or friend
  • Easy to use, just put it on top of the bridge.
  • Made of sturdy rubber and plastic
  • Less risk to your instrument
  • Dimensions: approx.70mm x 36mm x 26mm
This rubber mute is excellent for you if you have to practice and don't want to make too much sound.


Cello Practice Mute is a must-have music accessory for those who would like to practice violin without disturbing others.

Firm but very soft rubber ensures mute with no worries of damage to your cello.

Provide clear tone, allow each note to be heard clearly.

Easy to put on and take off.

The product is easy to be stored in any case or pocket.

Size:approx. 2.8 "x1.4"x1"/ 5.3cmx2.6cmx1.4cm

Material: Rubber

Color: Black

Package Contents:

1*Rubber Cello Mute

List Price: $ 5.79 Price: $ 5.79

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