Best Choice Products Natural Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Combo Kit for Beginners

Best Choice Products Beginners 38'' Acoustic Guitar with Case, Strap, Digital E-Tuner, and Pick, (Natural)

  • Natural 38" acoustic guitar made to deliver fantastic sound with an all-wood construction, steel strings, and a glossy smooth finish
  • Intended for right-handed users, made with a 19 fret fingerboard and an easy-to-use tuner
  • The ultimate starter kit for a budding musician, this right-handed guitar comes complete with a case, pick, pitch pipe, shoulder strap, digital E-tuner, and extra replacement strings
  • Ready to use right out of the box, everything you need to start playing is already included, with no assembly required
  • Overall Dimensions: 38"(L) x 3.25"(W) x 14"(H)
Jam out in style with an acoustic guitar starter set made for aspiring musicians and pros alike. With an all-wood construction, steel strings, and a glossy, smooth natural finish, you’ll be proud to play on a guitar that gives stellar sound with every strum. Whether you’re just learning the basics or you’ve mastered every chord, this guitar set is perfect for rockin’ and rollin’ all night long. SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Dimensions: 38”(L) x 3.25“(W) x 14“(H); Weight: 4.7 lbs.; Color: Natural; Material: Wood; Case Material: Nylon; Intended for right-handed use; Includes guitar, case, pick, pitch pipe, shoulder strap, digital E-tuner, and extra replacement strings; No assembly required

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 43.99

3 thoughts on “Best Choice Products Natural Acoustic Guitar with Accessories Combo Kit for Beginners

  1. CelticRose923
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good Starter Guitar, June 12, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Here is what you need to know about me before you read the rest of my review: I am a pretty musical person. I play keyboards and ukulele, and decided that I would like to venture into the challenge of learning guitar. Also, you should know that I am visually impaired. I can see, but not very well at all. Kind of like Mr. Magoo.

    Here is everything that came in the box and what I think of it:

    1. The Guitar: Beautiful color. I thought it was going to be a lighter blue color, but mine kind of looks purple, which is nice because that’s my favorite color. I’m not sure if this was intentional or a mix-up at the factory, but I am content. There were a few dings in the finish, but that’s OK with me. I’m not taking it out in public for performances any time soon.

    2. The “gig bag:” I like the straps on the gig bag. You wear it like a backpack, which is handy, actually. Also, it has a pocket on the front where you can keep your extra strings, your tuner, and your picks, if you want. It’s kinda cheaply made, but hey, I only paid $14.95 or something like that. I’m not complaining in the slightest.

    3. Tuner: I was a little concerned when I saw that it would come with a tuner. I thought that it would be a visual display to help you tune the string. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tuner in question was actually a pitch pipe, with six different pitches to blow, one for each string. Love that part of the deal! Wish I had one of these for my ukulele, but I’m not complaining.

    Strings: Ah, yes, well, here is the one flaw in this otherwise acceptable arrangement. I was tuning the G string when it snapped. The pitch was still too low, but the string just snapped. So I thought to myself, “OK, no big deal, I have a spare.” Upone replacing that string and attempting to tune it, the replacement string snapped as well. I have since ordered a new set of strings, so that I’ll just replace them all so I know what I’m dealing with. I only knew that the strings were steel and I didn’t know the gage or anything else about them, so I’m just going to replace them all and then I’ll know what I have next time one breaks.

    My overall opinion of this product is that it is a good guitar to start with, to learn on. It doesn’t have to be perfect if you are just learning in the comfort of your own home or in the company of an instructor who isnt’ going to look down on you or anything like that. If you are going to buy this product, I do highly reccommend that you buy a new set of strings, since there is no way to be sure what strings are already on the guitar. Thankfully, strings, even steel ones, can be pretty cheap. I got mine for $3. I also bought some extra picks, but that’s nothing to do with the one that came with the guitar. Oh yeah, did I mention the kit only comes with one pick? You might also want to buy some extra picks just in case. I got a 12 pack of blue ones for $5 or thereabouts. But this is a good product, and it shipped out really fast, even with only standard shipping. I was happy about that.

    Happy playing!

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  2. Amazon Customer
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    I like it but…BUT…., November 16, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    When I spend 40 dollars on a guitar I am not expecting much. Lets get all the obvious stuff out of the way: The guitar bag it comes with doesnt fit, the “tuner” is actually a pitch pipe (I mean it works but dont call it a tuner) the pick it comes with is ridiculously huge (Ironically I have very large hands so I am able to use it if I want, I just dont) and the strings it comes with are laughable and should be replaced immediately. The Guitar Strap is too short to be usable on an accoustic guitar unless you add a strap button at the base of the neck. That being said…

    I didnt buy this for the bag, the “tuner”, the pick, or the strings. I paid the 40$ for an accoustic/electric guitar. So lets look at that.

    the wood used for the guitar body has a very fragile feel to it (like if you dropped the guitar onto a hard surface it might not be able to take the fall. (As a matter of fact I actually did just that and the guitar survived just fine, but it still feels excessively light) The neck is made of sturdy enough wood and the action on the strings is actually remarkably easy on your fingers. This guitar does have one very DIRE shortcoming that I found: The wood glue used to affix the neck to the body came undone merely by my tightening the strings. (I dont mean it fell apart, I mean you saw it starting to seperate from the body) There is a very easy solution to this problem. I drilled a small hole right dead center where the neck meets the body and then drilled a 3 inch drywall screw into it, affixing the neck to the body. No more problems after that. (Some might complain that they shouldnt have to do such a thing…to which I respond, its a 40 dollar accoustic electric guitar, if thats all you have to do to make it playable then its not that big a deal) If anything I think if the company started doing this themselves that would be just fine as it doesnt hurt the sound at all.

    The sound is unique…it sounds like a cheap guitar. its the best way to describe it. I dont mean this in a bad way; this is actually a sound many musicians try to create (Especially handy for playing blues). The lack of dots on the fretboard can be disorienting at first but its nothing major and if it really bothers you you could add your own I suppose. Ive seen a lot of reviews saying this is only good as maybe a beginner guitar. I would disagree and if anything I would say the opposite…unless you have some decent experience with guitars I wouldnt suggest this. But if you know guitars and are looking for something with a gritty poor mans blues sound that you just want to play with for your own amusement then this guitar is fine. The equalizer actually works very well and sound comes through loud and clear on any amplifier. If you put some decent strings on it then it holds its tune very well once youve screwed the neck to the body.

    I would say this is an okay guitar once you make the one modification I described. I actually get a kick out of playing it. For 40 bucks, to me it was well worth it, just know what you are getting is all.

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  3. Keenan Kern
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    You Get What You Pay For, June 21, 2011
    Keenan Kern

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This guitar just came today, shipped just fine, came in 2 days since the shipper was a state or two away. The guitar works. It has strings that can be tuned, there’s a sound hole, and when you strum, generally speaking, nice noise comes from it. It’s nothing special, but hey, look at the price of it. There are no markers on the fret board so if you’re a beginner or cannot easily tell which fret you’re on, you need to actually count it out. Personally, I hate the little design around the sound hole, however, it’s not any reason to poorly review this product, because again, look at the price. Anyway, the guitar also came with a second set of strings which work just fine. It came with a ginormous plectrum but I already have tons of picks so that wasn’t a problem. The bag isn’t anything special, it just holds the guitar and can be held like a backpack or a briefcase. I suppose it protects the guitar from minor things, but it’s no solid case. The tuner works just fine, you blow air into there and hear a note, then tune your guitar accordingly. Pretty simple stuff. Also, the guitar is a nice shiny black, which is just what I wanted. The only real problem is that the guitar only has one hook for the shoulder strap, so the other side has to be tied around the fret board or the head stock, however, I usually play sitting down, so not a problem for me.

    Anyway, I give this guitar 5 stars simply because you cannot get better for the price. Usually a “cheap” guitar is at least $50, which is largely different than the $33 ($20 + $13 shipping) I paid for this. If you’re a beginner, poor, or just need another guitar for the occasional playing, definitely get this solely because it works as a guitar should.

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