Andrea Solo Cello Half Cake Rosin Reviews

Andrea Solo Cello Half Cake Rosin

  • Recognized as distinct among rosins
  • Preferred by world renowned string players and string lovers
  • Provides a more blended sound for ensemble playing
  • Does not sacrifice clarity or articulation
  • Simply a great choice
First introduced in 2002 as Tartini Rosin, it was quickly recognized as distinct among rosins by world-renowned string players and string lovers, leading to great demand and worldwide distribution. In 2005, Andrea Bang introduced an upgraded version called "Andrea", which was designed to provide even more sensitive and sophisticated sound enhancement than "Tartini". This item is a half cake version of the Soloist rosin. Powerful, yet sensitive sound for the soloist. It enables maximized projection and extra clear bow articulation.

List Price: $ 21.99 Price: $ 20.00

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