Tru Tuner TT001 Rapid Drum Head Replacement System

Tru Tuner TT001 Rapid Drum Head Replacement System

  • Now works with 12 lug marching drums, 2 pack of additional keys needed for 12 lug
  • Now works on 6 lug 14" and 16" drums
  • Folding handle for safe and easy storage
  • Zipping mesh bag with clip for easy storage of keys
  • Numbered start holes for lining up specific drum size
Tru Tuner makes replacing and tuning drums fun, easy and no longer a hassle! The Tru Tuner: Rapid Drum Head Replacement System, is a device that allows you to change and tune drum heads in about a minute with even tension at each lug. It allows the head to stretch evenly as the star tuning pattern tries to do. Stretching the head evenly helps get the best sound out of your drums and heads and makes fine tuning easy. Tru Tuner is also safer to use on your hardware, as it applies even pressure around the rim to prevent warping of the rim and shells.

List Price: $ 50.00 Price: $ 49.98

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