Trophy FX12BL Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks, Blue Reviews

Trophy FX12BL Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks, Blue

  • Durable Lexan
  • Light Up on Impact
  • Includes Batteries
  • Perfect for Drum Solos
Perfect for drum solos! Fires tix drumsticks are made of durable Lexan and light up upon impact for a visually exciting and dramatic lighting effect. Fires tix are available in five colors and include batteries. Replacement batteries are also available (sold separately). Choose from Green, Purple, Orange (Mango Tango), Blue or Red.

List Price: $ 24.95 Price: $ 10.10

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2 thoughts on “Trophy FX12BL Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks, Blue Reviews

  1. Bloose
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Far better that I thought they would be, October 30, 2012

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    This review is from: Trophy FX12BL Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks, Blue (Electronics)
    I almost passed on these because of the low ratings people have given them. I took a chance on them anyway because I figured the fun effect they could have out weighed the chance that they were as bad as the reviews said they were. The fact is, these are pretty cool. I have played with them for about 1 hour total now and they work great and are holding up to quite a beating. Far more than I thought they would. They light up bright and look pretty awesome.

    Having said that, there are a few things these are not. First as mentioned in other reviews they do not have the same feel as a wood stick. I see no reason to lower their rating for that though because after all, they are not wood sticks! Wood sticks are pretty rigid where these have some flex to them. They’re not rubbery just not rigid like wood. This is likely so that they are durable. Unlike wood, plastic has no grain structure. If these were made more rigid they would likely be brittle and break easily. These are likely a compromise between rigidity and durability. Overall I’d say the effect is very livable and they are very playable.

    Also, these will likely not be as durable as a good wooden stick. These again are not wood and plastic after all. The thing is, wood sticks don’t last forever and even break during use. These also will not be every day sticks and possibly not even all night sticks. They will be sticks where the added effect of a brightly lighted stick is worth the loss of feel and possibly durability.

    If you’re thinking about these for an added effect for a show or a little novelty when your playing, I say go for it. They do appear to be able to hold up pretty well to hard use and for limited uses they can be pretty cool. Just don’t expect that you will throw away your wood sticks, that’s not the point of these.



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  2. Jerry P. Danzig
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    Not for Pro Use, September 18, 2009
    Jerry P. Danzig (New York, NY USA) –

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    Though I haven’t used these onstage yet, I doubt I will. The problem is, these acrylic sticks have too much flex to rebound properly off drumheads. In other words, their playing feel is poor.

    Whether this is due to the button cell batteries moving around in the butts of the sticks, or simply a lack of rigidity in the acrylic construction, Firestix just don’t have the solid feel of proper wood sticks.

    I had intended to use these Firestix for my band’s solo number, but I’m anticipating that their feel will compromise my playing enough that I would be better off relying on the sound and feel of my usual Vic Firth wood sticks than opting for the “flash” of Firestix.

    The Amazon affiliate from whom I bought these also neglected to include the original Firestix package shown in the product photo, as well as instructions. So as best I can determine, there is also no way to turn the Firestix off. That means that any knocks the sticks take in my stick bag en route to a gig will cause them to flash, reducing battery life.

    I will update this review if I revise my opinion after our upcoming band rehearsal, when I will try out the Firestix.

    Until then, I will consider them best suited as a kids’ toy rather than an instrument for a pro or semi-pro drummer.



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