Timber Drum Co. T4-L Made in USA 8″ Solid American Hardwood Wood Block, Large

Timber Drum Co. T4-L Made in USA 8" Solid American Hardwood Wood Block, Large

  • CONSTRUCTED FROM AUTHENTIC HARDWOOD FOR A SUPERIOR SOUND | Each wood block we make is constructed from a solid block of real Tennessee hardwood to give it an organic, natural, and woody sound that plastic blocks just can't replicate.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA | Each Timber Drum Company product is made from Tennessee hardwood and is assembled in our workshop just north of Nashville, TN.
  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE | Because of its one-piece design, our wood blocks are very durable and can withstand multiple uses from mallets and other percussion implements. While we recommend playing at the edge of the center of the block for the best sound, multiple timbres can be achieved by manipulating the playing zone.
  • DIMENSIONS | The T4-L is 8 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches in dimension. Each wood block comes with one hard polymer mallet that is 8" in length.
Timber Drum Company Solid American Hardwood Woodblock Timber Drum Company is a small workshop dedicated to crafting MADE IN USA instruments. The sound of these wood blocks can be described as "organic, natural and woody". That is to say, it is the real and authentic wood block sound that plastic blocks merely mimic. These instruments are built from one solid piece of American hardwood with a hand-rubbed oil finish. The one-piece design projects a focused tone that cuts through the other instruments and is also extremely durable. Multiple sizes are available, which allow you to create more complex rhythms and also a choice in pitch, since the larger the block the lower the pitch. Add a Timber wood block to your personal collection of sound e

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