StickTwirl Drumstick Accessory

StickTwirl Drumstick Accessory

  • StickTwirl is an universal attachment for all drumsticks.
  • It is designed to enhance drummers showmanship, controlĀ and playability.
  • It increases playing speed, adds more agility and it's ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.
  • It's virtually invisible on your drumstick!
StickTwirl Drumstick Attachment Benefits:
It gives you more speed, agility and power.It relieves common hand fatigue for drummers.It creates a consistent fulcrum point to play with more accuracy.It's really hard to drop your drum sticks using StickTwirl.It feels natural to play with - you can grip your drumstick as you normally would.It's virtually invisible on the drumstick - wood grain color.It's flexible - you can play with any drumstick.StickTwirl gives all drummers an advantage. It expands the possibilities.Playing in the pocket is tighter with StickTwirl.Your rudiments will improve (even the Moeller technique).


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