Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 20-Pack

Musician 's Gear Hickory 20-Pack, Assorted Colors and Styles

  • Brand new & high quality.
  • Oval shaped wooden tip
  • Easy to hold.
  • Provide a smooth and anti-slip grip.
  • Also works for Guitar Hero & Rockband
Well-balanced Musician's Gear hickory drumsticks handle well and can hold up for a long time even with hard-hitting drummers. Buy 10 at a pop and save beaucoup smackers.NOTE: Sizes/styles will vary. Let us choose from 5A, 5B, or Rock with either wood or nylon tips and save a bundle!.

List Price: $ 26.95 Price: $ 26.95

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2 thoughts on “Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 20-Pack

  1. Chris
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    Inconsistent, but still a good value, February 21, 2006
    A Kid’s Review
    This review is from: Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 20-Pack
    These sticks are obviously budget sticks. They don’t really have a brand per se, even though they are a musician’s friend exclusive. And it’s a grab bag type of thing, where they choose for you what model you get. The sizes they pick from are 5A, 5B, and rock (slightly bigger than 5B’s), and they come in either nylon or wood tip. Well, first of all, how do they feel? I found that not all the sticks were consistent, which was a major hassle because they aren’t pregrouped. They come all mashed together in a bag, and you have to sort them out. The problem was that some were heavier than others. The texture of each stick was pretty rough, but a little sanding took care of this problem. So I grabbed a closely matched pair and began to play. They feel great, and the nylon tips especially are very bouncy on rides and hats. I hit hard, and rimshot about every snare note, so of course, they started denting and chipping just like all my other sticks. But these seemed to be of pretty high quality compared to other cheapies- Sound Percussion, Stick by the Pound, etc…I was impressed that they didn’t dent as quickly as other sticks, but then after about 20 minutes of playing, my snare stick just got lopped in half. I didn’t expect it at all, since it was initially holding up so well, but it came clean off. Anyways, enough about my little anecdote. The verdict is that they vary a lot, and some will just break in half when you least expect it. But going back to my experience with them, the second pair held up very well. They lasted about 2 months of hard hitting, and I was very impressed. So what can you expect with your purchase? 20 mismatched sticks, all of varying quality and weight, but on the whole, these are great for practice. They cost a buck a pair, and they feel really nice in your hands, especially the 5A’s. I’ve ordered them about 9 times now, so they an’t be all that bad, because…I like them. But here’s a general chart for you to refer to, so you know which model to pray for.

    5A wood- very slick and comfortable sticks. They taper elegantly and have a good feel to them. Just be wary that they are the thinnest models in the grab bag, and will break the quickest.

    5A nylon- Same as the 5A woods, execpt the tips are more durable, and they bounce more. Still very elegant, but kind of disappointing when you pick out a “dud” pair. I thought it was a shame to waste such as durable tip when the shaft of the stick broke so quickly.

    5B wood- These are cool too. They are bigger and beefier than the 5A’s, and look meaner than the 5A’s. Only problem is that they aren’t much a weight improvement from 5A’s, but are bigger. Oh well…

    5B nylons- these are the best bang for your buck right here. The tip will last. The shaft will last. They are realiable, that’s the bottom line. I just don’t like the way they feel compared to the 5A’s. They are a little awkward because of their size.

    Rock Wood- These are pretty heavy compared to the 5B’s, and they pack a huge punch. They also break quickly because they seem to mess up the stick quickly with it’s not-so-thin design. I don’t like them them because they are clumsy, and I often drop them. One time I dropped the left stick and it hit bounced off my snare and hit me in the face. Ouch! But anyways…

    Rock Nylon- I’m sorry, as much as I like musician friend’s nylon tips, these just suck. The tips are ugly and less useful than other models. They are too clumsy to be cool. They are too ugly to show off with, even if they are the “heavy-duty” stick size that metal drummers use. And they tend to have HUGE splinters in them. Way more than any other size. Pray that you don’t get these.

    In conclusion of my long review, you should know that the size is not indicated on the stick itself, you you’ll have to examine it to determine which one it is. Except for the Rock Nylons, which will stick out like a sore thumb with little target’s painted all over it. They look pretty ugly. But, unfortunately, the major drawback is that you can’t choose. Just hope you get 5B nylons, or 5A nylons. But hey, this is still a great value. Musician’s Friend has done soemthing neat here, giving you the luck of the draw. For budget sticks, these are the way to go, but if you have a lot of moolah to dump, or if you are a very hard player, the higher end sticks will always be waiting for you to grab them off the shelf. I repeat: These do not compare to Zildjian’s or Vic Firth’s, or Vater’s, etc…They are merely budget sticks that rise above all other budget sticks. Or more simply put, “the best bad sticks” you can find.

    Hope this was helpful.


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  2. lookedfoundnothing
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Deal., March 22, 2008

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 20-Pack
    I placed an order for 3 of these. What can I say, 60 drum sticks (30) pairs for 36 bucks is a steal. The sticks are all somewhat the same size,I’m guessing around 5a – 5b, each pack I got had a different type. So far, the ones I haved used were of great quality. As mentioned before, these are not really the best quality out there for as far as drum sticks go, but for drummers that rock out alot and break alot of sticks this is a good deal.


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