Meinl Percussion FR1NT Foot Rattle

Meinl Percussion FR1NT Foot Rattle

  • Hollow Rubber Wood rattlers attached to a decrotative strap produce a resonant sound with a shake or tap of the foot
  • Applications in practically any musical or dance setting
  • The strap is secured with Velcro and the rattlers are held with strong nylon cords
  • Useful for all musicians, including guitar players
  • Perfect to use with a cajon, djembe, bongos, and congas
  • Ideal for live acoustic performances
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The MEINL Foot Rattle has very useful applications in every aspect of rhythm, dance, instrumental and vocal music. It is easily held on to the ankle by a strong velcro strap that ensures stability and comfort while playing. The Rubber Wood rattlers have outstanding acoustic properties and will cut through without overpowering to provide a unique, well-blended rhythmic pulse. Any musician, vocalist, or dancer will find this lightweight instrument extremely handy in practically any setting. Cajon players will enjoy using the Foot Rattle to add more to their sound without having to use their hands.

List Price: $ 26.99 Price: $ 24.99

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