Meinl Percussion EGG-2 Egg Shaker Pair, Black

Meinl Percussion EGG-2 Egg Shaker Pair for Percussion, Cajon, or Drum Kit (VIDEO)

  • PACK OF TWO EGG SHAKERS: This set of two egg shakers in black have applications in practically any music setting. They are a great choice for percussionists, drummers, as well as singer/songwriters looking to add a touch of rhythm to their music. Their durable ABS plastic shells deliver outstanding sound.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND: These Meinl egg shakers have a crystal clear sound with plenty of cut, yet with a touch of smoothness for more delicate shaker rhythms.
  • IDEAL FOR ACOUSTIC SETS AND RECORDING: Meinl egg shakers cover a wide range of dynamics that are great for both studio sessions and live performances. They are ideal to use during acoustic performances along with a cajon, djembe, bongos, or congas. Drummers alike will find them useful in their playing as well.
  • FITS EASILY IN YOUR GIG BAG: Layer your grooves and liven up your performance without taking up too much space in your gig bag.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR MEINL WARRANTY: Meinl instruments carry a two year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.
MEINL Egg Shakers have an extremely pronounced and crystal clear sound with an ultra-responsive touch to even the slightest of hand movements. These shakers are vital to any drum kit or percussion set up and are perfect for serving the needs of beginners and professionals. Any musician or vocalist will find these egg shakers very useful in adding a touch of rhythm to their live acoustic performance. The soft yet cutting sounds of MEINL egg shakers are an outstanding accompaniment for cajon players as well. For drummers and percussionists, pairing these shakers together opens up the possibilities of creative phrasing and playing fast, intricate patterns. These handy rhythmic instruments are also excellent for studio sessions.

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