Meinl Cymbals HCS8B 8-Inch Bell (VIDEO)

Meinl 8" Bell - HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set, Made In Germany, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (HCS8B)

  • This durable and versatile brass bell has a cutting stick response and creates a long sustaining "ping" that is great to use for different effects
  • The Mein HCS Bell is a medium weight durable brass bell with a traditional finish (crafted in Germany)
  • With an 8-Inch diameter, the Mein HCS Bell is an exceptional way to integrate a unique sound into your drum kit without taking up too much space
  • Mount this bell inverted and stacked over a crash or ride cymbal to achieve a sought after heavy bell riding effect without the need for an additional stand
  • Mein HCS cymbals are designed for beginner and student musicians using a durable brass alloy that maintains its tone while holding up to the brunt of drum sticks
These brass alloy models sound and look great, and let you get into playing MEINL at very realistic prices. The HCS series from MEINL is designed to offer all of the cymbal types and sizes normally found in professional lines to beginners in order to deliver the same sound options a working drummer may look for. This solid brass bell puts out a bright sustaining "ping" sound that makes it a cool effect for any drum or percussion setup. Mein HCS cymbals are recommended for any style of music a beginner may be getting into while exploring their sound.

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 29.99

Gibraltar SC-MCSA6 6 Inch Mini Cymbal Stacker

  • Easily adds a second cymbal to most stands
  • Screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter
  • 6" model provides approximately 4" clearance between cymbals while the 4" model provides approximately 2" clearance
Add second cymbal. Screws onto existing 8mm cymbal tilter (1pk)

List Price: $ 8.95 Price: $ 7.06

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