Meinl Cymbals HCS-FX HCS Cymbal Box Set Effects Pack with 10″ Splash, 12″ China, Plus a FREE Cymbal Stacker (VIDEO)

Meinl Cymbals HCS-FX HCS Cymbal Box Set Effects Pack with 10" Splash, 12" China, Plus a FREE Cymbal Stacker (VIDEO)

  • HCS-FX includes a 10" HCS splash, 12" HCS china, plus a FREE cymbal stacker
  • Add cutting effect accents to your playing with these musical and durable brass cymbals
  • Thread the FREE stacker on an existing cymbal stand until finger tight without the need for an extra stand
  • Stacker puts 5.5 inches of clearance between the two cymbals
  • The Meinl HCS 10" splash delivers an immediate cutting and bright response with a medium sustain that works as a great accent to round out your drum kit
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Outfit your kit with the HCS-FX stack complete with a FREE cymbal stacker from MEINL! Included is a 10” splash and a 12” china that are chock-full of sound and ready for easy placement on your set along with a free stacker attachment that requires no extra stand to mount. The powerful 12” HCS china gives you a cutting, quick, and trashy response that cracks through the music. Its lightweight is an added bonus for keeping the cymbal balanced when placed on the bottom of the stack. The 10” HCS splash is great for quick accents and splash fills with its fast decay. It expands your sound and performs well with other MEINL HCS cymbals. The size is an advantage for players looking to add unique sound options without rearranging their kit

List Price: $ 59.99 Price: $ 59.99

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