Meinl 3.5-inch +4.25-inch Free ride mini Bongo

Meinl Percussion FWB100SNT-M Mini Rubber Wood Bongos, 3.25-inch & 4-inch (VIDEO)

  • The Meinl tunable Mini Bongos are a uniquely fun instrument for anyone interested in rhythm, with the drum playing surfaces measuring 3.25" and 4" wide
  • Standing 3.75" tall and weighing 2.1 pounds, these mini bongos are perfect for on the spot jam sessions, drum circles, and to keep on your coffee table or desk
  • The rubber wood shells of each drum are joined by the patented Meinl Free Ride system, meaning no extra holes are drilled in the shells to provide enhanced resonance
  • Equipped with True Skin buffalo heads for classic bongo sounds
  • Each drum has four tuning lugs that are adjustable with the tuning wrench that is included with the package
  • Chrome plated hardware
The Meinl tunable Mini Wood bongos are a uniquely fun instrument and gift idea for anyone interested in rhythm. Measuring 3.25" and 4" wide, the miniature sizes of the drums make this a perfect grab and go instrument for jam sessions or drum circles. The rubber wood shells are joined by the patented Meinl Free Ride system, requiring no extra holes to be drilled in the shells. This increases the resonance of the drums. Four tuning lugs are located on each drum and are tunable with the provided wrench. True skin buffalo heads deliver classic bongo sounds. Simply place the mini bongos in your lap between your knees and start playing!

List Price: $ 42.99 Price: $ 42.99

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