Makanu Drum Dampeners 6 pieces drum damper gel pads clear Tone Control drum damper with 1 Drum Key

Makanu Drum Damper Gel Pads 6 Pieces,Drum Gel Pads,Drum Dampening Gel,Drum Tone Control,Drum Damper With 1 Drum Key Free- Clear

  • Drum tone control:Makanu drum dampeners better choice for all standard snare drum sound dampening,highly acclaimed resonance control device
  • Drum gel set:Makanu drum damper gel pads including 6 pieces for more drum set to use and backup for more drums!One more free drum key is industry Standard for all Drums with 1/4" Socket Square Tension Rods SPEED KEYS Quickly & Easily Remove/Replace Drumheads
  • Good self-adhesive drum gel ,Invisibility for playing drum,the gel pads sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments
  • Easy to clean: soap clean, water clean and air dry ;The included divider discs keeps your gels separated.
  • Made from Clear soft non toxic gel and 30 days drum dampeners quality guarantee !

Drum damper gel pads features: Makanu 6 premium drum dampeners that will make your drums sound amazing!

These drum gels are guaranteed to work on your resonance heads (and cymbals).you become able to adjust your drum sound exactly to your needs.

, The included spacers can be applied as dust discs ? Makanu drum gel pads are easy to clean: Simply wash with soap and water (air dry), Makanu Damper gel is sold exclusively on Amazon (USA).

Free drum key, You will get one free motion speed drum key, easy installation,best quality for all drum tuning! Makanu drum key gets that perfect amount of tone control, without killing the tone, the feel or the volume of the drum.

List Price: $ 7.49 Price: $ 7.49

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