Junior Kids Percussion Black Double 4″ Inch Diameter Lap Bongo Drums & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick

Directly Cheap Junior Kids Medium Pick Double Percussion Lap Bongo Drums, 4" Inch, Black

  • Includes code and Instructions for two months of Free Live Lessons
  • Great for students
  • Double Bongos
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Tuning 4 Lug Nut & Easy to Play
Introduce your child to the world of bongos with the De Rosa 4" Plastic Kid's Junior Lap Bongo. Made with a plastic body that is safe for your child and real skin heads that will produce authentic bongo sounds for your child to bang on. This bongo set comes in a box that can beĀ assembled into a cardboard carrying case with handle for your kid to carry around wherever they go! Gift it or give it, your child will love this set!

List Price: $ 26.13 Price: $ 26.12

Remo BG-5300-70 Festival Bongo Drum - Black, 6"- 7"

  • Pre-tuned bongo
  • Emulates the sounds of the traditional tack head bongo drums
  • Available in three different colors: Black, White, and Red
Remo pre-tuned bongos are pitched to emulated the sounds of the traditional tack head bongo drums from Cuba in the early 1900"s.

List Price: $ 38.94 Price: $ 34.30

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