Junior Beginners Percussion Natural Double 7″ & 8″ Inch Diameter Student Wooden Bongos Drums with Tuning Wrench & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick Reviews

Moukey Exquisite Cuban Bongo Drums Creative Drum Set with 2 Mallets, 5 inch and 6 inch Diameters,5.7 inch Height

  • HIGH GRADE MATERIALS. Durable wooden bodies and artificial sheepskin heads. Environmental PVC Drum paper.
  • EXQUISITE APPEARANCE. Exquisite colorful paintings make it appealing to attract attention and interest. Perfect as stage instrument or gift for kids.
  • EASY PLAYING METHOD. Can be simply played with hands or the included mallets. Play individually or with other percussion for performance.
  • COLORFUL TONES AND SOUNDS. Two drums of different sizes together and produce slightly different sounds. Rich and colorful sounds easily attract kids' attention and interest.
  • GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY. The bongo is carefully tested and tuned during manufacturing to ensure high-quality sound and quality for you. 30 days unconditional money return.
Lovely colorful Moukey Bongo Drum of perfect size for you little kids!

Looking for easy-to-play drum for your kids to learn rhythms and have fun? This Moukey bongo must be your smartest choice for its beautiful appearance and easy-playing method (beating drum heads simply with hands or the included mallets).

This high quality bongo features two little drums (with attractive paintings) connected together that emit slightly different sounds when played. Heads are tested in factories to ensure excellent sounds. Surfaces and edges are specially smoothed and finished thus it’s exactly safe.
The bongo can be played individually or with other percussions, and both would produce fun, pleasant and positive musical effect.

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