Hand Drum with Mallet

Edushape Hand Drum Musical Toy, Multicolor

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Auditory sensory development
  • Visual sensory development
  • Easy grip
  • A great aid to help introduce your little on to music
  • Specially made for little hands and ears
  • This is a perfect time to introduce your child to music through play
  • Colors may vary, you may receive one of the following colors: blue, orange or green
High quality, light weight durable 7" hand drum produces a surprising deep and professional drum sounds. You have to hear it to believe it. Packaged for easy gift wrapping; assorted colors.

List Price: $ 12.99 Price: $ 7.99

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2 thoughts on “Hand Drum with Mallet

  1. Amy
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome little drum, November 13, 2011
    Amy (Nashville, TN) –

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    We’re so happy with this drum for my almost-two-year-old. It’s a real musical instrument — you can make lots of different sounds with it, and it’s so inviting. It’s also incredibly strong. It has been thrown, stood upon, etc. etc. etc. and is still in perfect shape. I love that my son can hold and strike this at just about any angle and still get a satisfying sound. It’s a winner, and a great value.

    UPDATE: 1/5/12: Not long after I wrote this review, my son did indeed manage to damage the drum. The drumming surface now has a small dent, and it’s not a great toy anymore — a step below drumming on an oatmeal canister from the grocery store. We should have supervised our young son more closely with it, or waited until he was older. I just wanted to update my review and let you all know that this thing is not, in fact, indestructible. :o)

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  2. Heinrich
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Fun drum, great for kids!, February 1, 2012
    Heinrich (Southern California, USA) –

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    I’m a musician myself, and have a toddler who simply LOVES making noise when I’m playing. Unfortunately, she typically wants to make the best noise, which usually involves one of my instruments. Many of mine are either fragile or too dangerous for her to play with, so they’re right out. So I bought this, because it was supposed to have a decent sound, good for kids, and it was really affordable.

    I’m honestly surprised with the sound, for one. Sure, it’s got a plastic head on it, but it’s got a much better tone to it (it’s actually got some tension to it) than any other plastic-headed toy drum I’ve ever seen. It’s lightweight, it’s easy for a small child to hold since the frame is nice and rounded on the inside, and it’s got that nifty little way of storing the stick. All in all, it was a great buy. My daughter loves it, thus I love it. I think the stick is a bit on the thin side, so it’ll probably break eventually. Thus, I’ll probably replace it with one of my bodhran tippers.

    So yes, if you’ve got a small child that loves playing with drums, this is a great portable little drum.

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