GP Percussion GP75MB Cocktail Drum Set (Midnight Blue)

GP Percussion GP75MB Cocktail Drum Set (Midnight Blue)

  • 8" demi snare 15" standup floor tom 10" tom
  • 10" high hat cymbals &15" crash ride cymbal
  • heavy duty chain drive bass pedal
  • drum sticks & drum key
9-Ply Poplar/Basswood shells with durable PVC covering. 15 Inch, Stand-up Bass Drum with sure-grip telescoping legs. 10 Inch Tom. 8 Inch Wood Demi-Snare. Polymer heads. Memory locking Tom/Snare mount. 15 Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal. 2-10 Inch High-Hat Cymbals. Cowbell. Combo mount for bell and cymbals. Heavy duty chain-drive Bass Pedal with multi-purpose beater. Drumsticks. Assembly Required. Overall Size: 39 Inch L x 36 Inch W x 56 Inch H, Weight: 39 Pounds.

List Price: $ 299.99 Price: $ 299.99

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