DrumDial Drum Tuner

DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner

  • No whacking necessary to tune your drums
  • Accurate and quick
  • Low price
  • Tension rod torque can be used to tell you when you are over tightening a bolt to prevent thread damage, but is not accurate for drum tuning because of the difference in screw tolerances, plating, corrosion, and thread wear
  • You can eliminate these problems by using a DrumDial to measure drumhead tension directly from the drumhead, allowing you to precisely tune your drums faster and easier than ever before
Keep your drums tuned-up with the DrumDial drum tuner. The DrumDial makes light work of drum tuning, using a tympanic pressure mechanism to measure the actual head tension, it's easy to get accurate results every time you tune. No longer will maintenance be a long and tedious process - whether you're changing the head on your snare, tom, timpani, or even a banjo, the DrumDial makes it easy. The DrumDial drum tuner helps you get the best tone out of your drums by making it easy to keep them tuned.

List Price: $ 59.95 Price: $ 59.95

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