Djembe Drum- African Percussion Drum, Bongo Hand Drum, 9″ , JIVE® BRAND, Professional Sound

Djembe Drum Bongo Congo African Wood Drum - MED SIZE- 9", JIVE BRAND - Professional Sound, JIVE FEDERAL (TM) BRAND, Professional Premium Quality

  • Handcarved by skilled artisans - MEDIUM SIZE PROFESSIONAL QUALITY
  • Look for the JIVE Brand on your product to guarantee product authenticity. Product quality NOT GUARANTEED if purchased through other vendors.
  • You may receive a PAINTED OR PLAIN DRUM- depending upon inventory.
  • Features a Genuine Goat Skin Drum Head- Great Sound
  • Size: 9" H x 5"W
Traditionally used in Balinese rituals and ceremonies, the Djembe drum has become synonomous with drumming circles around the globe.  Features a goatskin drumhead. Shown here is a sample of the assortment we carry.  Because these insturments are individually crafted, each is unique; hence the pattern and color of the item you receive may differ slightly.  Hairline cracks and discoloration of the drum head, if present, do not affect the durability of the drum, rather they are characteristics of a handmade product. Due to the handmade nature of this product, please allow for minor size variations. (+/- 1") Color may vary from the picture. Handmade - Please allow for minor variations


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