Children’s Toys Drum Set

Children's Toys Drum Set

  • 1 Bass Drum with Decal^1 Pedal Mechanism^1 Large Tom^1 Small Tom Tom^1 Cymbal
  • 1 Stool
Introduce your child to the world of music with the Big Band Toy Drum Set! This awesome real life drum set is a fun and great way to inspire your little one! This set is the perfect introduction to musical instruments! Who knows, this might be the first stepping stone that sparks a love of music for your child! The Big Band Toy Drum Set comes with almost everything an expensive drum set has, like a Bass Drum, a small tom tom, a large tom tom, a cymbal, a pedal, drumsticks and a stool. So get rocking and get the Big Band Toy Drum Set! Includes: 1 Bass Drum with Decal 1 Pedal Mechanism 1 Large Tom 1 Small Tom Tom 1 Cymbal Drumsticks 1 Stool


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